Lobsters: one of life's most villainous creatures. Edit

Look at this fucker

This monstrosity is a fucking lobster. Don't let its cute eyes deceive you, this fucker would slaughter a whole orphanage in less than a minute.

Lobsters are literally the anti-christ, no.. their literally worst than Satan himself. Their mission in life is to slaughter the innocent and enslave crustacean-kind. We as humans must end their race before they end ours.


Ways To Slaughter This Beast Edit

  • Try to trap the beast into a boiling pot of water. If you can run that fast.
  • Machine guns or throwing knives.
  • Butter. Its like vampires and garlic, they can't stand that shit.
  • Talk good hard sense into the monster. Say stuff like "No bad lobster it is not nice to pinch me." or "No killing the innocent is bad, I don't care what Jimmy's mom allows him to do. I am not Jimmy's mom, my house my rules."

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